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At B STUDIOS we treat every couples' journey with weight because it builds the narrative that will come to life in their film. We like to balance artistic vision with authenticity, easily moving with the ebb and flow of your wedding day - no detail is too small because emotional connection is built through details. 

Equally important, we're adept at easing awkwardness so you can feel like yourself on film. We are intentional about creating a space that invites you to enjoy the moment and lean in to the energy of the day.

Ultimately, we'll be delivering a film that encapsulates the most important moments and feelings of your day, but the added magic is that we are also creating an unforgettable experience for you as we bear witness to your celebration.

What does it mean to have B STUDIOS film your wedding?

Step 1: Discovery & Booking

You’ve seen our portfolio and are ready to begin a conversation exploring your wedding vision. We will craft a detailed proposal and establish a formal contract that aligns perfectly with your individual preferences and requirements.

Step 2: Planning

Approximately 4 weeks before your wedding date we will reach out to you and your planner to finalize and confirm wedding day details, timeline, and any other logistics. Our goal is to streamline the logistical experience so that you can be fully present in the days leading up to your celebration.

Step 3: Wedding Day

It’s common knowledge, your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye. You can trust us to blend in seamlessly with the natural flow of events while capturing the moments that really matter. We are there to celebrate alongside you and to preserve the fleeting snapshots that you’ll want to cherish in the years to come.

Step 4: Post-production

Following your wedding, we meticulously review all footage and audio recordings. The post-production process goes through multiple stages, typically taking 16-20 weeks. As we cinematically edit together an honest and elegant reflection of your wedding day, we spend dedicated time choosing music and designing soundscapes that add that extra bit of sparkle and magic to your feature film.

The B STUDIOS Booking Process

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Up to 8 hours of coverage day of wedding
2 filmmakers
6-8 minutes of 4K cinematic-style film
60 second social media teaser
Digital delivery on custom website
Drone coverage
Legacy footage

Up to 10 hours of coverage day of wedding
Up to 2 hours of Welcome Dinner coverage
Up to 2 hours of Rehearsal Dinner coverage
2 filmmakers
Up to 5 vertical same-day reels
6-8 minutes of 4K cinematic-style film
60 second social media teaser
Digital delivery on custom website
Drone coverage
Legacy Footage

Collection I
Three-Day Coverage
Collection III

Up to 8 hours of coverage day of wedding
2 filmmakers
4-5 minutes of 4K cinematic-style film
Digital delivery on custom website
Drone coverage 

Collection II


There's no better way to showcase the size and scale of a location than with stunning arial footage! We haven't met anyone who doesn't love a good drone shot, it always adds some extra magic! (pending venue restrictions/weather)

Drone coverage


A cinematic documentary-style edit that features the most meaningful moments of the day. We integrate a spoken narrative approach to give your film a distinct, personalized edge. 

Cinematic Feature Film


Every wedding day has it's own pacing and flow - after exploring your coverage needs we will custom create a timeline that works best for you. There is always an option to add additional hours as necessary.

Hours of coverage


Our version of “raw footage” – a collection of films where we tidy up all the footage from the 
weekend and put it into different film timelines. Sample groupings may include: Guys Prep, 
Gals Prep, Portraits, Reception, Location Shots, etc. These are all films that you can watch 
start to finish so that you don’t have to sift through a folder of clips.

Legacy Footage


This coverage captures the details and vibe setting the tone for the following few days. We put together a shareable sizzle reel that creates hype and helps build momentum, it's also a great chance for us to build familiarity with you and your guests. This footage will often be incorporated into your feature film, giving more context to your celebration weekend.

Welcome Dinner Coverage


We're always eager to witness the words your loved ones will speak about you during the rehearsal dinner. This coverage includes speeches and light detail coverage, moments you'll want to relive and snippets we love including in your feature film.

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage


The best of the best, all the standout moments packed into 60 seconds, delivered in an easily shareable format for all social media platforms. Our sizzle reels pack a punch, we've heard from our couples that they watch them on repeat until their feature film is delivered and beyond.

Social media teaser


A seamless viewing experience of your entire ceremony. We captured you AND your loved 
ones during this incredibly emotional and special experience. You can relive your vows and 
every word shared by your officiant with the high-quality audio B STUDIOS is known for.

Full Ceremony Edit


Full Reception Speeches Edit


A cinematic edit of all the full-length toasts during your reception. Trust us, you don’t want to 
miss this one! There were some super emotional moments here. You can absorb the love 
your community has for you all over again.

(sizzle reel)

Maggie & Scott

You guys have done a truly SPECTACULAR job, holy cow. Our film is so awesome and brings us straight back to that wonderful night.
We're obsessed. THANK YOU!!!!

Wow wow wow wow wow.

Just stunning. We can't thank you enough!!!!

the tangible keepsake

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Our most sought after product is the cinematic feature film - a comprehensive narrative of your entire celebration. We lean on our storytelling expertise to capture your day - ensuring stunning visuals and impeccable audio quality that allow you to relive every moment as if it were yesterday. This is a highly crafted film edit that blends cinematic techniques with documentary style filming. The high after your first kiss, the sweetness of your first dance - this film is what will allow you to feel those moments forever.

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An adventure session with B STUDIOS is a fantastic way to document the essence of your love story before your big day. This provides the opportunity to celebrate your connection and is an exciting way to document this unique chapter of your journey together, preserving memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. In your session we build a rapport together fostering a more relaxed and natural experience that continues into the wedding day itself.

We pride ourselves on making these sessions fun and effortless - our favorite feedback is when clients tell us they forgot the cameras were even there! We can grab a drink, climb some rocks, dip our toes in the ocean, or anything else you fancy. The final product? A sizzle reel for you to post on your socials building momentum and hype as your friends and family gear up for the big day!

Our Adventure Sessions?

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We understand this a financial and energetic investment - we're here to help guide you through a custom proposal that will be specifically tailored to your needs. We take the uncertainty out of this process every step of the way - as soon as you click below we'll reach out within 24 hours and begin the dialogue. What are you waiting for?

Understanding your investment

No question is too small, we know you are swimming in a sea of planning details, we're here to throw you a life raft

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